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Tax Planning & Preparation

Get the Most Out of Your Income this Tax Season

Tax season comes every year with the same reliability as the rising and setting of the sun. For some, taxes are an annual obligation; file and pay, then forget about it until next year. However, this can lead to paying the IRS more than you rightfully should.

Accsol, Inc. offers expert tax planning and preparation services to both businesses and individuals in Laredo and the surrounding communities. With our guidance, you can rest assured knowing that what you pay the IRS is what you owe. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and find out how our team can keep your tax burden low.

Deductions and Credits

A great way to lower your tax bill is with deductions and credits. There are two types of deductions available: standard and itemized.

The standard deductions category is a fixed amount that is taken directly off of your total taxable income. Itemized deductions can exceed the dollar amount of the standard deduction, but receipts and other forms of proof must be provided for each item deducted.

Credits are available to all qualifying taxpayers and are a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax burden. Rather than reduce your total taxable income, like deductions, credits affect the amount you owe directly. There are a variety of credits available, such as the child care credit, adoption credit, and more.

Deferred Income

To defer your income is to reduce the amount you earned over the year. One of the most reliable and rewarding ways to accomplish this is fairly simple: invest in your retirement.

Money that is invested into retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k)s is considered deferred income and isn’t taxed until the funds are withdrawn from the account. By maximizing your retirement contribution, you could lower your taxable income by potentially thousands of dollars every year. Reducing your taxable income not only saves you money in the present, but it also secures your financial future.

Timely Filing

Our firm helps you plan for tax season year-round and prepare and file your return when the time comes.

We take great care in preparing your return so that it is accurate and error-free, using sophisticated software to double check for any mistakes. We then file your return promptly to ensure that you do not incur any extra fees and to mitigate the chances of being selected for an audit.

Your Trusted Tax Professionals

Don’t let your tax burden weigh you down. Let Accsol, Inc. help you keep your liabilities low so that you can worry about more important things. Contact our Laredo firm today to schedule your free consultation with our team of experienced professionals.

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